středa 2. března 2016

RoboCar: Shopping fever

Few months ago I had an idea to build my first "robocar" using Raspberry Pi B+. I saw lot of Arduino robots but I don't wanted to use Arduino because I want my car to be "smart". So I ordered from these main items:

KEYES L293D Motor Control Shield for Arduino
ZL-4 Smart Car Chassis Kit for Arduino
Sensor Distance Measuring Module - Blue
Ultrasonic Smart Car Mounted Holder
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor - Black + Silver
PIR Motion Sensor

Then few female/female cables for connecting those things to Raspberry Pi GPIO. I already had Raspberry Pi B+ with WiFi module at home. OK, maybe you are asking why I did not bought the Motor HAT for Raspberry Pi but for Arduino. That is easy. They don't have it on and I think that it will not be so difficult to connect those modules to Raspi. But I do not have any skills in this area. I've never used Arduino or Raspi for driving motors. So wish me luck and let's go to connecting those items together. We will start with the motors ;-]

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